*Saint-Peterburg State University of Archtecture and Civil Engineering,

** Saint-Petersburg Brunch of  Academy of Informatisational Technologies in Education


The skills which cultivated engineering background are described. These skills are produced in the hidden processes. The enumeration of this skills is given. Some novelities in teaching strategies which positive affected on the cultivation of engineering skills are discussed. Some of these strategies use computer educational programms.

Teaching  process created new knowledge and produced some general and professional skills. There are three levels of these skills. The highest one is connected with general problems. These skills consist of methods of  concordation different ideas, moving new hyphotesis, eliminate random factors and so on. All these skills are independent  of the real field of specialist’s interests. This means that they are the same for biologist, teacher, engineer, scientist or so on. This level of skills may be called creative level. The middle level of skills includes professional abilities different for different areas of professional interests. It is evident that engineer in the civil engineering  has to posses  engineering skills different from the same skills for  the engineer in the field of semiconductor materials for example. That is why this level may be called the level of professional skills.  Yet these abilities and skills have as their foundation some general skills such as estimation of errors, putting results in order and so on.  These skills form the third level which is the lower rank level.  We shall call this level the level of engineering skills.

Some of the  skills  of the all three ranks of the creative levels are produced at the period of studiing any subjects:  physics, mathematics, chemistry and so on. The other skills have interdisciplinary nature. Interdisciplinary skills are produced by practical training in all theoretical and practical subjects.  There is no sense  to have in the starting educational period special lectures  devoted to these skills and  abilities theoretical foundation.  Yet these abilities and skills are usualy independenty created at the period of  study  of the traditional subjects.  That means that  a large group of the general skills and abilities is  produced in the hidden processes.  These procecces have to be under teachers  control and constant checking of course. The first education years are responsibile for creating and consolidate the general engineering skills of the lower rank of creative levels that is to say  to the engineering skills.  That is why these skills were the main interest of our studies described in this article.