Vladimir Romanenko1, Galina Nikitina2
1St-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design;
2North-Western Branch of the Academy of Information Technologies in Education, Russia
head@akadionw.spb.ru, ladogalake@gmail.com

Abstract. The high mobility of modern specialists forced them to have universal background. Such background permits them to be adapted to the different social and professional environment. That is why it is necessary to introduce some basic laws of nature into the studied subjects. The optimal choice of these laws is a complex problem. The universities need to create new special education strategies and generate special concepts to transform the traditional curriculum to a new effective form. The main obstacle for new educational strategies is connected with the high abstraction of the general laws of nature which have to be included in the new scientific background. The most perspective way for solution of this problem is the high diversity of all practical classes and text-books which would be interesting for different students.
Keywords: universal background; educational environment; main laws of nature; curriculum core; life-long  education.
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