Vladimir Romanenko, Galina Nikitina
St-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, North-West Institute of Printing, Russia
North-West Branch of the Academy of Information Technologies in Education, Russia
ladogalake@gmail.com, moikariver@yandex.ru

Basic concepts of general theory of technologies are presented. The technology denotes as a set of scheduled actions which could be exactly described. These actions transform the input goods, stuffs or services into output ones. Input, transformation and output construct basic technology triad. The matrix description of each of this triad parts is the best form for theoretical analysis of technology. Three types of streams build all interactions inside the technology area and outside too. These streams are: the stream of material, the stream of energy and the stream of information. All possible technologies of our World build so called technological sphere which is the significant part of noosphere. The areas on which this zone can be divide are also discussed. The coefficient of uncertainty of output production is the main value which allows to find location of borders between the principal parts of the technological zone.