Vladimir Romanenko, Vladimir Bystrov, Viktor Zherdev, Khafiz Mellekh

Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering ( 4, 2-nd Krasnoarmeiskaya at., St-Peteraburg, 198005, Russia ).

Two types of building and housing testing instruments are described in this report. The first one based on the semiconductor conductivity changes of the small point, linear or planar probe. Dependence of CdP2 optical properties is the base of the second instrument groupe. Principles of the first group instruments work is represented on the fig.la. Current from the source E heated special small heater #. Heater temperature is measured with the aid of thermoiesistor R. TYansformed value of resistor resistivity may be seen on the special screen S or on the digital/analogous display. In some constructions thermoresistor may be changed for thermocouple.

The heater and the thermoresibior are assembled in a small probe. Globe form is the usual form of this assemble. The amount of globe is no more than 1-3 mm in diameter. Power and measuring wires run throw small metall tube. Its diameter is no more than 3-5 mm (Fig.lb). The length of the tube is no less than 100 mm. Different -planar and cilindrical – geometries are also possible. The theory of such a probe measuring is described in[l].